4 hours
Invited youths from the neighborhood of Barriol to cocreate the Barriol of the Turfu as part of an art installation at Octobre Numerique, a digital arts festival

Centre Social de Barriol
Octobre Numerique:


Starting with a debate session around the question: “Must one always leave the projects to accomplish their dreams?” we discussed our fear of the future, uncertainty, trust, what it means to share public spaces, and if it is even possible to do so when those are not safe.


Then, using a map created in the image of the city of Arles and Barriol, with its greco-roman ruins, football pitches, and large buildings, we co-created a series of interventions in and around our city.


We did not create a plan of action for change, however we created a shared vision, a multidream, using these creations which we then presented in a larger performance held on the opening night of Octobre Numerique.