4 hours
A short co-creation session held in an elementary school in St. Denis using Minetest

IRI, Institut de Recherche Industrielle

More on their research:


Using a unique approach created by Riwad and Giacomo which allowed us to create virtual spaces from architectural data using Minetest, we took a neighborhood with a lot of wide roads and limited foot traffic near where we lived in Saint-Denis and turned all the highways into water bodies!

This way we could start to imagine how different life could be in such an environment.


Then we worked in pairs to reinvent what went on in a specific part of the neighborhood. I used a piece of triangular land and transformed it into a natural park for animals to relax in. Another group created a water-based teleportation device, and others an R&D facility for water-bending, like in Avatar.


This got us thinking differently about our neighborhoods, its streets, how they are designed, and by whom.