2 days
Over the course of two weekends, a Turfu Jam was hosted at the Gaite Lyrique, to co-create a Turfurist metaverse

WondaVR (
Gaite Lyrique (


Unlike usual jams, this one came at the end of 7 different discussions on the future of the internet and metaverses, much of the debates and insights from these sessions were translated into specific pretexts in the form of unique turfurist space: The E-sport arena, the Pix.sand Foundry, the Bayt Al Hikma and several others. Each constituting different neighborhoods of the Agoraverse.


Each team worked on a different space, first by brainstorming what it represented and how it worked, before actually building it out resulting in five different spaces that might exist in tomorrow’s metaverses.


We worked closely with diverse actors from all walks of life and careers to ensure this prototype of an alternative metaverse might better reflect the diversity of needs of those who might inhabit it one day.